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Ayurvedic system has been demonstrated in recent years to be as effective as
Allopathic treatment. The glory of Ayurveda need not be explained as it has
been time tested for several decades. Ayurvedic medicines have been used
in the past utilizing the flora and fauna available easily in the forest.
In the past we have been consuming Flora and Fauna that are part of every
ayurvedic medicine. Every day, an estimated 100 plant and animal species
are lost  due to deforestation.

As per 2011 survey by the Forest Survey of India , India lost around 267
square miles of forest. Kerala alone lost around 24 square miles of forest.
Now, it is time for us to think about how we can get these plants and trees
available in our market again. Although the fact is difficult to cultivate most of
them, let us make a join attempt to educate the public first, help and promote
the farmers who are interested in cultivating them.

This website aims to create a knowledge base for those Flora and Fauna that
can be farmed effectively and helps the raw material seamlessly flow in to
pharmacies to produce ayurvedic medicines.

This website also will help such farmers to connect with Pharmacies and
Doctors directly and sell them the raw material straight to the shop floor.
We invite Ayurvedic Doctors, Pharmacies, Scientists, Journalists, Students,
Farmers and Brokers for this noble cause to build the “Ayurfarm” community.
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